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Why Automate?

The main reason in introducing automated tests is time. As a tester you need more and more time to verify the new components in the application, so as the application grows bigger retesting the old modules is very time consuming and can become boring thus human errors are introduced.

One solution to this problem can be hiring more testers but for a big testing team you need to make more efforts in managing it this means more money involved. We already have three big problems here: money, time, and quality and here comes the solution provided by automated testing.

The main purposes of automation are to reduce testing time by verifying the areas that have been already tested while maintaining the same level of quality. In this way we avoid spending more money time and efforts in hiring more testers because those new testers need an adaptation period, training and logistisc expenses.

You will say here that automation tools are very expensive, an automation expert costs too so what should you do? It is true on short term an automation solution is more expensive than hiring a few new testers but think a little in the future... as your new releases are developed you will need a few more each time and on longterm the expenses will grow bigger. Thinking on longterm an automated testing solution is more advatageous. The initial investment is bigger in case of automated tests but it pays back in time because it gives more time to testers to perform ad-hoc testing which can reveal many issues. Another reason would be regression testing, the more releases you have, more regression tests you have to perform and this is time consuming. Imagine how comfortable would be to know that your regression can be performed in half or a third of the time it would take to perform it manually. Nowdays all software applications are used by numerous users so performance tests must be conducted, in this case you must have an automated testing solution implemented.

In case you choose to implement an automated solution make sure you have at least one expert on your side otherwise the expensive testing tools you have bought will end up forgotten on a shelf.

In conclusion if you want a performant and well tested software in a decent amount of time you should consider implementing an atutomated testing solution, but do not think that it will replace your manual testing team.


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