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Software Testing Romania

Benefits of our Test Automation Solutions:

- Decrease testing time
- Reducing long term costs
- Reduce repeatable work
- Save labor hours
- Eliminate the source of human error.
- Solutions customized to your business needs

We implement automated testing solutions based on Mercury and Empirix tools for functional tests, non functional tests and test management

The Test Automation Solution is usually composed by :

Test Management tool:
- Manages functional and non functional automated tests
- Manages requirements
- Manages issues
- Generates testing reports
- Controls Test Plans and Test Cases

The Functional Test Tools
Are used for:
- regression testing,
- testing unchanged modules
- any tests that repeat regulatory
- allow the same tests to be run on multiple configurations

Non Functional Test Tools
The most important are Performance & Maintenance tests which are critical for an application throughout its life cycle
Are used for:
- Determination of time response of the software with a determined number of users
- Uncovers bottlenecks
- Determine the maximum number of users supported by an application
- Determines the recommended hardware characteristics
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